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Hello! Salve! Hola! Bonjour!

Welcome to my page! My name is Isabella (BUT every one calls be Izzy or Is and even sometimes Bella/Bell). Enjoy!

Icon made by the amazing :iconkounei:!

Amazing bands:
The Cure by Artiste-ParsSiouxsie and the Banshees by Tagi-StampsNine Inch Nails Stamp by dA--bogeymanQueen Classic Rock Stamp 1 by dA--bogeymanBlondie Disco Punk Stamp 1 by dA--bogeymanDuran Duran Stamp by fgth84Tears For  Fears Stamp by fgth84The Smiths stamp by 5-3-10-4STAMP: Depeche Mode I by black-machineryR.E.M. by JaybirdieRamones Stamp by coxaoThe Police New Wave Stamp by dA--bogeymanB 52's fan by RetromissileBuzzcocks stamp by DinominesOingo Boingo Stamp by vanillachunderThe Clash Stamp by EmicoEcho + The Bunnymen Stamp by dA--bogeymanHeart Hard Rock Stamp 2 by dA--bogeymanJoan Jett Glam Punk Stamp 3 by dA--bogeymanIggy Pop Stamp by Pop-ArtDecadeFrankie Goes To Hollywood by fgth84Thompson Twins Stamp by fgth84Evanescence Stamp by xXMoonlightOwlXx

My Ask account(s)~ :iconask-team-bandi-burt: :iconask-hollyleafxx:

Superly awesome friends I know in real life: :iconxx-voodoochild-xx::iconethan0369::iconrlpuppy::iconcheshiresilverwood::iconpedoostrich:

spaztasticly amazin friend if mine: :icondreamwithintheheart:

Amazingly supportive friend (One of my fIrst on here X3) who has been with me in my times if darkness, one of the most nicest people I know :'D Go check her stuff! She is a spaztastic amaing friend! ^-^ :iconalpine-dragon-queen:

My awesomely amazing Big Sis! :iconlillithmalice:

My rockin awesome sis :iconstephdragonness:

My coolII sIs!! :iconxx-lockdown-xx:

My Awesome Sly Loveing sis! X3 :iconslycooper11:

Le Coolio Amazing Icon Chating sis :'D: :iconsadowfox:

My sister right here!!!: :iconstrangetail:

Most amazing brother a girl could ask for: :iconalex982:

My awesome rp bro :iconjacobbistherabbit: (Also :icondracovile26:)

Scythe-loving cousin :3: :iconjoshystar:

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Baby (: :iconteiouja:

Phantom buddy!!: :iconabnormaldre:

Really amazing sister!: :iconleathedoberman:

SPAZTASTICLY cool sista from another mista: :iconxx-voodoochild-xx:

Please join :3

Love my Lord~

Jesus PWNs Stamp by SuperGrouperJesus is my savior stamp by nekooYuui-cHanStamp-I Support Jesus by Jazzy-C-Oaks.Stamp. Protected by Jesus by KillMePleaseGod.:. Jesus Saves Stamp .:. by StephanieRosario:thumb152648055:Christian but not insane by Lizzie-DoodleDeviant Stamp - Believer by ReterminedJesus Stamp by Fyi-Sus


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Tagged by :iconkwaziicat:!

1) you must post these rules
2) Each person has to share 10 facts about them self
3) answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up ten questions for the people you tag
4) choose 10 people and put their icons on your page
5) go to their page and inform them that they have been tagged by you
6) not something like "you're tagged, if you read that..."
7) you have to legitimately tag 10 people
8) no tag backs (NU!)
9) you can't say that you do tags
10) you must make a journal entry


1) My dad has been married four time! (Twice to his first wife, once to my mom, and then to his current wife)

2) I use to be extremely depressed as a child- from MANY family problems (From the divorce to the custody battle to the constant fighting and manipulation) to being bullied in school.

3) My step mom is actually not a U.S citizen. She and my father were married when she lived in England.

4) Art is kinda my therapy. It's how I let out my anger/emotions (that's how I started my art "career")

5) I have a American Pit Bull Terrier named Dixie! She is a totally sweetie :heart:

6) I've almost died-- multiple times (If you'd like to here a few stories about that just ask XD)

7) I'm also a single pringle. (All the guys at my school are pretty much jerks- with the exception of like 2)

8) I'm a HUGE fan of "dark" styles similar to that of Tim Burton (Which ya'll already knew XD)

9) I like to play the video games. I love me some video games.

10) I actually am more scared to carry on a conversation 1 on 1 than to talk in front of crowds (I LOVE public speaking)


1) favorite vegimal? (Tunip, Barrot, Tominow, Grouber or Coddish)

Either Tunip or Barrot (But I lean more toward Barrot!)

2) band that you really want to see in concert

All the bands I want to see are no longer together or something of that nature... but if I could, it would be The Police, The Smiths, or Depechemode

3) do you like crossovers/ crossover ships?

OMG YUS!!! OTP=Coco Bandicoot×Miles "Tails" Proper :3 (I'm also a fan of Crack shipping XD)

4) what was your first ever fandom?

I THINK my first ever fandom was the Pokemon Sinnoh region. As a child I wasn't allowed to watch pokemon. But when my parents divorced, my mom let me watch it and I discovered how to fangirl XD (Ikarishipping- my first ever ship! *recorded* lol)

5) cats, dogs or catdog?


6) cutest kiddie cartoon?

Blues Clues... I love me some Blues Clues. That or Oobi (Oobi was my jam like no joke XD)

7) which one of Burton's Victors (Van Dort or Frankenstein) do you like best?

That's REALLY hard... but I'd have to say Van Dort. I guess it's because I knew and attached to Corpse Bride more than I attached to Frankenweinie.

8) your favorite drawing/photograph from 2014?

I have no idea to be honest...

9) your LONGEST car trip? Where did you go and how many hours did it take you to get there?

Um. I think my longest car trip was 6-8 hours. *where to Is classified*

10) Creepy, cute or creepy and cute?

Creepy and cute :3 (I find that a lot of things people find "creepy" I find cute!)

NOW my questions!:

1) Whats the first video game that you remember playing?

2) Would you rather... spend your life in the movie "Paranormal Activity" OR saw off your leg? (Gosh the morbidness  today XD)

3) Coke or Pepsi (Or in my case neither)?

4) Fave Movie?

5) What genre of music to you like most?

6) What is your current career goals?

7) Are you in school? (Middle, High, or College?)

8) Any pets? (If so, what?)

9) If you were to meet me irl, what do you think we would do?

10) How boring were my questions? XD

Tags (You don't have to do this, but I'd love to see your response!)

1: :iconxx-voodoochild-xx:

2: :iconnekomaster1000:

3) :iconabnormaldre:

4) :iconalpine-dragon-queen:

(I'm only tagging four cause I can XD)


Triple S by Flame-of-Icarus

First of all, i LOVE th lighting and shading!!! The positons of the three are awesome and fit the personality of each character :3 I al...

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